Choose your JSON-RPC client

To simplify interface access you can use any JSON-PRC 2.0-compatible client. Wikipedia has a long list of compatible clients.

If you are writing in Erlang, Javascript, PHP or Ruby we recommend using one of the JSON-RPC clients below which we have tested.


JSON-RPC 2.0 for Erlang is a minimalistic Erlang implementation that supports concurrent batch requests. It is complete, but does nothing besides JSON-RPC 2.0. In particular, JSON encoding and decoding must be performed by the user.


JSON-RPC 2.0 Client for HTTP and WebSocket backends is a generic JSON-RPC client, i.e it is not custom made for use with Abicart. However, it is fully compatible with our interface; it supports all the protocols as well as batch calls.


Textalk Webshop API client is built upon Tivoka (JSON-RPC client/server library for PHP). It is custom made for use with Abicart and has the endpoint URL preconfigured.


Asynchronous (EventMachine) JSON-RPC 2.0 client enables asynchronous communication with a JSON-RPC server. It can be used synchronously if called within a (non-root) fiber.