This object represents manually created article relation list. This is a readonly object only.


Properies Description
articles List of article uid (limit of 500 items).
name Name of the relation list, by language.
show Defines where the list is set to be shown. See more
uid The unique identifier for the relation list.

How to handle the show property.

The show property will define where the list should be visible and is represented with the following values: - article. The list should be shown together with the specific article. Read more on the property at Article - basket. Should be shown when the cart is shown. - confirmation. Show the list when an article is added to the cart



Fetches information about a relation list.


Parameter Description
uid The unique identifier of a relation list.
query Which info to return. See [Query language](../general/


API Console
ArticleRelationList.get(123456789, true)
  "uid": 123456789,
  "name": {
    "en": "My relation list",
    "sv": "Min relationslista"
  "show": ["article"],
  "articles": [1234, 5678, 8967]